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Meet Our Staff

Bishop Isaiah & Pastor Dorothy Coleman

















Senior Pastors

Bishop Isaiah Coleman is the senior pastor of Faith Temple House of Prayer (FTHOP) in Durham North Carolina. After receiving divine instructions from God, Bishop Coleman established FTHOP in 1986.  Bishop Isaiah Coleman is a  strong faith-believer, yoke destroying , anointed, humble leader and servant of the Lord.

He attended Word of Faith Bible College as well as Faith Temple Bible College which is an affiliate of Oral Roberts University.  Bishop Coleman was instrumental in teaching at Faith Temple Bible College. In addition, he holds a Honorary Doctorate Degree from Faith Temple Bible College. He faithfully  ministered at Guess Rd. prison in Durham NC. He distributes food to the less fortunate every month, visits the sick in their homes and in the hospitals.

Bishop Isaiah Coleman is married to the beautiful, anointed prophetess and  intercessor, Dorothy Coleman. Pastor Dorothy is a humble servant who desires to see the people of God live in love and holiness. She is a woman full of integrity, poise, intelligence, and strength. Pastor Dorothy is an example of the help meet that God has ordain in the body of Christ. Her life exemplifies true holiness and a virtuous woman. She labors with Bishop Coleman's in the vineyard of the Lord





Youth Drama Department

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Pastoral Anniversary

August 9 & 11, 2013


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