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Bishop Isaiah & Pastor Dorothy Coleman

   We are a church that is full of love and where the word of God is taught. We have set our hearts and minds in agreement with the word of God so that we are a people who are a blessings to others.

   Faith Temple House of Prayer is a vibrant, growing church with a passion for Jesus Christ and all people. We are a conglomerate of people from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures. Faith Temple is a family oriented church that includes a focus on family. We strive to be the church described in the Bible - a church that's full of love, sound biblical teaching, compassion for people, ministering to the lost, feeding the hunger, dynamic worship, wonderful fellowship, answered prayers, and evangelism both locally & globally. We’re a church with a heart dedicated to helping people discover God’s love and will for their lives, that they may have eternal life with Christ.
   So, whether you’re someone who’s just starting to seek God, or a committed
Christian who wants to grow your faith even deeper, you can find a place of worship and fellowship here at Faith Temple House of Prayer.









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Faith Temple House of Prayer

1603 Avondale Dr.

Durham, North Carolina


Phone: 919-682-4743




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Pastoral Anniversary

August 9 & 11, 2013


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